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Introduction of various kinds of paper
Oct 20, 2017

1, coated paper: Delicate white, smooth, shiny, and has a moderate oil absorption, printing color good. It is divided into single copper and double copper two kinds.

A, double copper: The common gram weighs 105g, 128g, 157g, 200g, 250g, uses in the propaganda single, the folding, the album, the desk calendar and so on printing.

B, Single copper: Common grams for 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, mainly used in handbags, cartons and other high-end printing.

2, double adhesive paper: contrast, expansion rate and surface strength have a higher demand, acid-base should be close to neutral or weakly alkaline, with high strength and printability. Often used in high-grade envelopes, books, student textbooks and other printing. Common gram weight is 70g, 80g, 100g, 120g, 150g, 180g.

3, writing paper: Color white, both sides smooth, texture close, writing without yin water. The market occupies a larger cultural paper, mainly used for forms, notebooks, writing special paper, easy to ink. Common gram weight for 55g, 60g, 70g, 80g, for middle and low printing.

4, Matte powder paper: Also known as matte coated paper, compared with copper sheet, not too reflective. Although the printing of copper paper color bright, but the pattern than copper paper more delicate, high-end. Common gram weight is 105g, 128g, 157g, 200g, 250g.

5, Carbonless Carbon paper: For typing and replication of thin-type papers, paper strength and toughness, writing without yin water. Mainly for the receipt, the contract, such as carbon copy, form printing production. The common gram weight is 55g.

6, Special paper: printing more commonly used special paper for Pearl paper, mainly for handicrafts, high-grade greeting cards, invitations, fine envelopes and other printing production. Common gram weight is 120g, 140g, 200g, 230g, 250g, 270g.

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