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perfume test strips
Oct 20, 2017

When smelling flavors and fragrances or perfume, why must you smell the fragrance of the paper on the fragrance or perfume after smelling, and not directly to the flavor of the bottle or spray out smell?

That is because the smell of incense paper on the fragrance of spices or perfume, and then in the air pendulum, the aim is to make the alcohol in flavors and fragrances or perfume volatile, when we smell the flavor is the flavor of spices or perfume after the taste, and directly to the mouth or just from the bottle when the taste, is the flavor of spices or perfume before the taste, General flavor Fragrance or perfume before the taste will be more blunt, because at this time the alcohol concentration is the highest, until after the taste comes out, the alcohol is also volatile almost, the rest is the more pleasant fragrance of flavor or fragrance of their own real taste.

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