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Treemas Envelopes - Exquisite Your Life
Aug 16, 2018

Customize Your Exclusive Envelopes

The role of the envelope is not only to hold letters, but also as a storage bag or a gift card bags. This simple and generous styles is made of crystal pearlescent paper with high-grade style. It is decorated with hot green gold maple leaf design, which not only has a fresh atmosphere, but also the design of the“Better Health” can emphasize the theme and meaning of the envelope.

Fashion and Eco-frinedly.


A delicate red envelopes, strong colors calls the mood of contradiction between love and desire, the color is passionate and unrestrained, with a star-studded magic circle, center on the stars, and the outer ring inscription is changed to the zodiac constellation symbol. The moon in the west, the sun in the east, and the simple "Premium Concentrates" is designed to make the envelopes show a mysterious sense of high-level, but without losing the momentum and courage.

Exquisite Quality, Noble and Mysterious


Funny cartoon characters are designed on the envelope, The god of wealth holding gold is full of happiness and satisfaction, which showing revealing infinite fun, and people can't help but laugh. The envelopes are made of coated paper with uv patterns. You can not only store the CARDS, but also use them as red envelopes, especially auspicious.

Funny and Humorous, Lovely Cartoon




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