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Perfume Test Strips

  • Custom Logo Size Shape Perfume Test Paper

    Our other product: coin envelope air freshener perfume test paper
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  • Customized Perfume Tester Sticks

    1. Designed to test aromatherapy oil, perfume, essential oil and so on. 2. Great absorption capacity of water and oil. Easy and convenient to test. 3. Made with imported paper with soy ink...
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  • Book Of Blotter Strips

    Book of fragrance blotter strips ♥ ♥ Specification ♦ Perfume blotter strips ♦ Direct factory supplies ♦ Certificate: ISO 9001 ♦ More quantity,more discount...
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  • Long Perfume Blotter Strips

    Long perfume blotter strips INK The use of professional high-quality soybean ink to ensure that after the perfume will not drop ink. PAPER The use of imported absorbent paper, in the ductility,...
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  • Perfume Essential Oils Test Strip

    Perfume Essential Oils Test Strip * Welcome OEM/ODM *Eco-friendly ink * Advanced Heidelberg and Komori printing machines HOW TO TEST A PERFUME Here’s the basic method: First, write the name...
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  • Long Perfume Test Strips

    Long Perfume Test Strips These blotter strips are made for testing a fragrance. We use these to sample a scent, rather than, say just sniffing the bottle, because the strips give us a more...
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  • Paddle Shape Fragrance Tester Strips

    Paddle shape fragrance tester strips If you have a requirement for a larger Tester for higher saturation and absorption through heavy spraying or pouring scented oil, then our fragrance tester...
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  • Fragrance Test Strips

    Fragrance test strips ♦Blotter tester scent strips ♦Direct factory supplies ♦Certificate: ISO 9001 ♦More quantity,more discount ♦Features: Recycle & Comestic...
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  • Blotter Books

    We can supply Loose Blotters and Blotter Books required for Fine Fragrances, according to the specifications and sizes of the customer. They can be supplied with printing of company symbol on each...
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  • Smelling Strips Books

    We are suppliers of customized Smelling Strip Books along with printing of company symbol, their website & email address on the cover book, along with the company symbol on the inside strips with...
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  • Perfume Smelling Strips

    According to your specific needs and shapes along with printing of your company symbol and two red color indicator lines. The raw material that we are using for manufacturing Smelling Strips are...
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  • Perfume Blotter Strips

    Perfume blotter strips Essential oil test strips are custom printed in four color process and perfect for testing oil or perfume scents. Here’s the basic method: First, write the name of the...
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