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Custom Logo Shape Perfume Tester Book

Our other product: coin envelope air freshener perfume test paper

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Aroma+(aromajia) brand test paper has been sold worldwide in 2012. We are very good at the ductility, adsorption, desulphurization, persistence, consistency and peculiar smell of wen xiang paper.

At present, we cooperate with the world's large fragrance perfumery company to customize the perfume company!
Perfumed and perfumed perfume test paper test paper manufacturer installed super absorbent. 




Product name: test paper/smell stick.
Brand: fragrance printing set.
Size: 144 * 40 mm
Thickness: 0.42 mm
Packing: 50 pieces/book.
Material: Dutch pure white test material.
Print: customizable logo.
If you need to customize, please contact customer service.



Knowledge on flavor printing:
1. There is no fragrance in the test paper itself. Try a sample of each sample paper to avoid the taste and taste of it.
2. The tip of the tip is dipped in the bottle mouth, and the other end can be marked with a perfume name.
3. After dipping the paper in the mouth of the bottle, it is necessary to fan one fan to make the fragrance spread evenly, and then smell the real fragrance.
4.. Try not to try too much every day, generally suggest 2~3 kinds.






Can you only buy from stock? Can't you customize your logo?
Can can, can, of course, important things to speak three times) want to customize your own logo to contact customer service, not only can choose a variety of shapes, also can print logo, or fine design, in addition to printing, also can bronzing, hot silver, highly popular with the masses like it ~ ~

       短空白直条米白闻香纸07D    试香纸調香闻香纸香味印集正茂印刷27

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