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Custom Logo Size Shape Perfume Test Strips

Custom Logo Size Shape Perfume Test Strips

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Product name: perfume test paper.
For short: test paper/smell paper.
Size: 160 * 10 mm
Material: Dutch pure white test paper.
Thickness: 0.4/0.5 mm
Packing: 100 pieces/bag.
Printing: customizable logo(printing/stamping)
Shape: flower shape, pointed shape, oar shape can be customized.
If you need to customize, please contact customer service.










Warm reminders:
No matter what kind of fragrant base material you smell, beware of the smell fatigue caused by too much smell, resulting in a sense of smell paralysis. When the scent begins to wane, the smell should be restored to normal. A simple way to do this is to take a deep breath three times through a piece of woollen fabric (a scarf, shawl) to reenergize the smell. Some people say that smelling fresh coffee beans or putting a piece of ocean on your tongue will have the same smell and fresh effect, which can be chosen according to your personal circumstances.

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